Trial Results

We've been conducting farm-scale trials in many crops this year, and will report the results here and through our blog and facebook. Pacific Gro is a core input in organic programs and also in conventional programs that include biological practices.   Our trials use biological soil analysis (Solvita and Biome-Makers) to document improved soil health and microbe diversity, and Leaf Extract Analysis (by Apical Crop Science) to document nutrient balance and uptake.

Strawberries:  Pacific Gro was used on 800 acres of strawberries on the California central coast, added to a conventional program at rates of 8 to 15 gal/acre during the crop season.  Yield increased 20% to over 80% - from an average of 26 tons/acre in 2018 to 32 to 48 tons/acre in 2019.

Grapes:  Pacific Gro has improved soil health, the appearance and vigor of vines, and the brix of grapes at a large vineyard on the California central coast.  A trial summary report is linked below.

Hemp:  Three hemp trials are in progress in Oregon, outdoors and in a greenhouse.  We have collected Leaf Extract Analysis from many cannabis farms that use Pacific Gro in a variety of fertility programs.

Corn trials focused on soil health are in progress in Iowa and Ohio, by Continuum Ag.  These trials will continue in soybeans next year then return to corn. Pacific Gro proved effective improving soil health and plant health at very modest cost per acre.

Wheat, canola and cover crop trials are in progress, dryland farmed in the Palouse of eastern Washington, by a group of farmers determined to restore the region's fertility.

We'll also share reports from our extensive experience in apples, cherries and berries grown in both organic and conventional programs.

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