Pacific Gro Oceanic Hydrolysate

Pacific Gro has been a leader in organic fish fertilizer and has developed a unique cold processed hydrolysate of fish and micronized crab and shrimp shell. It's rich in fish oil, marine nutrients and enzymes, which makes it highly bio-active in the soil. This ocean derived liquid fertilizer has a lot of plant available calcium and many naturally balanced micro-nutrients. We call it Seafood for the Soil, though it's also used as a foliar.

OMRI Listed for Organic Food Production

CDFA certified Organic Input Material

Regenerates soil that’s been depleted

Improves fertilizer efficiency

Increases water retention

Pacific Gro produces organic fertilizer using fish, crab and shrimp processing wastes from Pacific Ocean fisheries.  This Liquid Oceanic Fertilizer is screened to 200 mesh, and is suitable for use in all drip irrigation, foliar spray and other fertigation systems.

Unlike lower cost fish emulsion fertilizers, our product has not been exposed to heat at all. Others use heat to speed up the enzymatic digestion process and to evaporate the product to achieve higher N-P-K content. Heat improves the chemical analysis but degrades the biological activity. Because Pacific Gro is cold processed hydrolysate, it has more diverse and plentiful microbes and enzymes and higher biological activity.

Fine particles from crab and shrimp shell can enhance crop yield and nutrient uptake by stimulating beneficial microbes and improving soil health.

OMRI Certified for organic use